The first failure and testing behind us!


I greet you again after a few days for another article about our operations in Kenya. I'll take you through the last three days, we solved the first problems, but we managed to test at least a little bit, and get new information, thanks to which we can move the car again.

There is a very bad connection here, so publishing videos every day is a nice nut, but perhaps we have already found a way to send videos in good quality to the Czech Republic for editing. So when the race starts, we will try to give you the latest information every day.

Monday was very unlucky for us, because the shaft of the water pump, which we didn't have with us, broke along the way, and because the service cars drove different from us, we had to wait almost 4 hours before they would come back for us and bring a spare water pump. . The exchange took 15 minutes, but it didn't make sense to go for the test, because Glen and Jirka were already returning, so we went back to the workshop and to the hotel.

On Tuesday we finally managed to get to the test, so we used the huge experience of Glen, who helped us adjust the shock absorbers and we adjusted the lead on the engine a bit. We got valuable advice, which we still have time to work on, but we will wait for Ijen to adjust the car to his ideas.

Today, this is Wednesday, we cleaned the interior and exterior of the car to keep everything clean and ready for our pilot. We have further reduced the stops on both sides of the body by 8 mm. We adjusted the carburetor repacking, dragged everything and checked. We put on new tires and the car is ready for the arrival of Ijen, which should arrive tomorrow night.

Thank you for your support!