Arrival in kenya


Welcome to the first talk about the Safari Rally, which takes place in African Kenya, the start of our crew Lain Dobson and Drew Sturrock. was threatened by a scarecrow called CORONA. The organizers prepared for us many sleepless nights, because a few days after sending the cars, they announced the cancellation of the big competition, and our cars were already in Saudi Arabia. What now? We weren't the only ones in this situation, so the organizers came up with a Mini Safari, which we participate in, and we see it as testing on the "big" SAFARI, which will run according to the latest information in February.

It's Thursday afternoon, and we're boarding a plane in the direction of Ken, 3/4 years of preparation, and the goal of our work on the horizon. It's a strange feeling and it doesn't cease to amaze me how addictive it is. I've tried races from all possible positions, behind the wheel, behind the notes, as a manager, as a mechanic, but the biggest adrenaline is simply when you put the car in the last bolt, figure out what to do differently, better, try, and then wait for what it will be .

I have a great team around me, without which there would simply be nothing from what we can do and invent now. The willingness to work and still love your job is a miracle and a great fortune at this time.

The flight went in peace and quiet.

Upon arrival, we took a taxi to the location where we had furnished accommodation.

They ate a snack and set out to unpack the container.

The locals did most of the work for us, unfortunately they did not have a lift, so they put out all the boxes gradually. Which wouldn't matter if they didn't change things so that nothing was where it was. Anyway, we were glad we didn't have to deal with it, so we managed somehow and finally found everything.

Then we started working on the car.

First we mounted the scrapers, which we were still finishing, according to the wheels that came at the last minute, and just loaded them into the container.

We blew the brakes and replaced the water pump because when we came to the car, fridex was dripping from it. It was a few drops, but we can't risk anything. We folded the spare rear axle, dragged the whole car and checked.

As the finale of a long day, we set about gluing our partners to the car.

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