The company Tym - motorsport s.r.o, founded in 2013 by Jan Vostrý and Zdeněk Trnka, builds and rents historic racing cars. It specializes in the production of protective frames, spare parts for historic racing specials, car veterans Škoda Spartak, Škoda Octavia, Škoda Felicia, Škoda 1000MB, Škoda 100, Škoda 110r, Škoda 130RS, Škoda 120S, Škoda 130LR. The new affiliate is a car paint shop and a car body shop. The company took over the original trademark of self-employed Jan Vostrý and started cooperating with UP as a social entrepreneur. In the years 2016-2018, they operated on racing circuits with two specials Citroen Saxo VTS, Škoda 130RS and Ford Mustang 1965. For the 2019 season they are preparing to return to the rally tracks with the Škoda 130LR
      Holder of the AVOK certificate (authorized manufacturer of protective structures)
      homologation of safety frames and other modifications for cars for normal road traffic
      Modifications and repairs of the body of serial and racing cars
      Racing cars from the Tym-motorsport stable have been participating in competitions regularly for several years: Rally cup, sprint rally, Ice trophy rally in Austria, free cup, Czech Republic cup, rallycross, autocross, uphill races and circuits.
      In recent years, the team of mechanics has serviced rally racing cars such as D. Krajčovič-Škoda 130LR, Mr. Jun-Škoda 130L / A, Titio rating Citroen saxo VTS and later Renault clio, other disciplines such as rallycross, autocross and drift were of course. They are currently servicing their racing special, with which they participate in endurance circuit races throughout Europe
      Tym-motorsport specialists install body safety elements for any discipline.
      We keep spare parts for Škoda racing and serial historic cars in stock
      We provide development and production of defective parts for racing cars Škoda 130RS, 120S, 130LR, 130LA, Ford Mustang
      Racing cars for sale and rental always in high quality and reliability
      Car paint shop and industrial paint shop
      Pressure washing of the body with water (gentle removal of protective sprays and asphalt materials)
      Cataphorical immersion of the KTL body

    About Drift Trike

    Tym-Motorsport was primarily engaged in the construction of race cars and the renovation of old veterans. It specializes in the production of protective frames, spare parts for historic racing specials, and Škoda car veterans. The company also includes a paint shop and a plumbing shop. Tym-Motorsport holds the AVOK certificate (authorized manufacturer of protective structures).

    Trike is therefore the risk of our product, on which a specialized team is working. We can cover its production from A-Z.

    And how did we get from racing cars to drifting tricycles? The answer is easy, thanks to one of our friends who took us to the Drift Trike community. But it was not enough for us to drive fast downhill, and because our petrol smells, we decided to create a tricycle, just for us, with an ENGINE.

    During the construction of the first prototype for us, "BOKEM Ride" took on completely new dimensions. The idea that drift could be an affordable affair came in 2019, word got out and half a year later was the world's first prototype, at the moment we are proud of the first purely Czech tricycle that works.