Pronájem vozů

Škoda 13OLR

Škoda 130LR / B built for gravel competitions. Engine volume 1560ccm and power 156Ps and 179Nm. 5-speed gearbox with HEWLAND shift, self-locking differential, shock absorbers from proflex with reservoirs and hydraulic stops, front brakes diameter 295mm and 4-piston brakes with ferodoDS 2500 pads, rear brakes diameter 252mm, 15-inch evo corse wheels, many options for adjusting this cars and adaptation to the competition.

Citroen C2

Citroen C2 for rallycross built according to the criteria of the N1600 division, engine with a volume of 1598ccm and 135ps power, synchronous transmission, HP sporting shock absorbers, 15-inch speedline wheels, protective frame according to Annex J. weight of unmanned vehicle 980kg

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